Individual Google Ads Management in Brisbane

Don't settle for an Ads agency when you can get personal service

Providing personalised Google Ads support to local businesses in Brisbane. We take the time to come meet you and your team, and see your operations. Allowing hhelp to provide you with the exact services you need.

Brisbane businesses we support with Google Ads

Why Choose Us

Personalised approach to Google Ads

Stop being treated like a number by large digital marketing agencies. hhelp takes the time to understand your business and how best to utilise Google Ads for your business. 

What do you get if you use our service

Real results from our clients

Google Ads

Account restructure led to massive growth

QBD Books online revenue has exploded over the last 6 months due to the account reset performed in 2023. This has lead to the results below:

  • 68% Greater return compared to the previous year
  • Consistent 8% conversion rate
  • 38% Increase in store visits
  • 19% Decrease in cost per click

Google Ads

Only the start of their online journey

Building Wynnum Marine’s Google Ads account was a challenge as they wanted to balance their online store with inquiries. This however has proven very fruitful for the businesses recording more online leads on new crafts and receiving consistent sales from their online store.

  • $185 Average order size 
  • Immediate return on spend
  • $14 average cost per conversion

Google Ads & SEO

Record month two months after taking over

This is a great example of a business that needed a change. After not much work was completed by the previous management the results exploded with a new campaign introduced. This resulted in less spend, more bookings, more calls and record profits seen in clinic.

  • Ranking on the first page for “Radiology Brisbane”
  • 36% conversion rate 
  • 123% Increase in conversions from the previous best month
  • 15% Decrease in Spend

SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Ads

Building campaigns around a known brand

Angel Aesthetics Clinic came to hhelp for online support and saw results straight away. These results were seen across all traffic sources with organic (SEO) results exceeding expectations. This is due to new keywords similar to the services however are different ways in which users search.

  • 866% Increase in online bookings 
  • Record 14 bookings from $22
  • 20% Decrease in social media cost per lead

Our Process

Our steps to set your business up for success with Google Ads

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Identify your needs

This is where we sit with you and discuss your goals and how we get there together.


Define goal setting

Create a clear plan which outlines evey goal and target we wish to hit. This will be presented either in person or over a video call.


Build and execute

Building the campaigns is a crucial part of the process. This is where we set our Google Ads up for success. You will be provided with all the details of the account including target keywords, negative keywords, locations and headlines. Once built we launch.  


Track and review

Tracking will be set up correctly to make sure we are getting all the data needed to improve your campaigns. Reviews will take place daily in the early stages making sure there is no wasted spend.

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